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Joyce | College Freshman | Film/Television Major | SD girl living in the City that Never Sleeps

A collection of random things I find appealing visually, intellectually, or auditorily.

"Whoa."   "I know, right?!”

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Bleak and Dark New York City through the Eyes of @d_belov

For more bleak and dark shots from the streets of New York, follow @d_belov on Instagram.

“Everyday I find special moments happening on the streets of New York—a photo shoot for ‘Batman’ on the Brooklyn Bridge, or a movie set on Fifth Avenue. Even on bleak days I could show the dynamic life in the city. These things all inspire me,” says Instagrammer Dmitry Belov (@d_belov) who moved from Volgograd, Russia to New York six months ago. “I see New York through the movement of people, cars, and events. The roads of New York are mysterious, and they mesmerize me.”

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Scape House FORM | Kouichi Kimura Architects

"The house is located in the tiered-developed residential area on a hill. From the site, the beautiful view of the lake can be seen.The client requested that the view be fully utilized and that the space be open. In this project, versatile spaces that incorporate light and scenery were located by the windows in order to bring out the best in this house."

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Misha Kvakin is a 36 year old Designer and Digital artist from Tel-Aviv, Israel. His goal is to illustrate things like thoughts, visions, news and chunks of data. He doesn’t have much free time so he opens Cinema 4D and Photoshop and sets a timer for 5 to 10 minutes. What he makes in that time is what is put up. Find more of his work on Tumblr at misha-kvakin.


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